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New Maltego video (SQL DB integration), new web front page

We've made another video - yes I know we said we'll stop at five, but we've realized that we never ever showed anyone our [SQLTAS] (blame it on the lack of salesman genes). So - just before our year end function Andrew and I whipped up another video. We shot it here in the office and it deals with hooking Maltego onto SQL databases. It's added to the [Youtube playlist] as video 6.

We've also changed the front page of [our website] - it now shows some stills from the videos and I think it looks rather nice. We are thinking of putting all of the videos (in yummy 720p) on a DVD that we'll give away for free (minus cost). We noticed that many of our clients don't have Internet access at work....;) If you are interested in this [let us know].


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