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More details about Maltego CaseFile and Maltego 3.1

So far we've had very positive feedback on [Maltego CaseFile]. We've had the same questions from various people and I've decided to put the answers here on the blog:

Q: Will CaseFile be available for OSX and Linux?
A: Yes. We will have an OSX version very soon - hopefully within this week. Like the Win version, it's still beta. If there is enough interest in a Linux version (beta) we'll put one together.

Q: When is the official release of CaseFile?
A: Hopefully early in 2012.

Q: Will Maltego 3.1 have the same features as CaseFile?
A: Yes, and if you have a license you get a free upgrade from 3.0.4 to 3.1. Out of the box Maltego 3.1 will not come with all the CaseFile entities, but you will be able to export them from CF to 3.1 as you need them. You will be able to open CF graphs in 3.1 and use transforms on CF entities as always.

Q: What do you mean CaseFile will be"almost free"?
A: We will sell CaseFile for around $200 per copy - perhaps in batches of 5. If you are a corporation or an organization that use CaseFile for commercial reasons you should buy licenses. If not - you are welcome to use the community edition free of charge. The only difference will be the background. We believe people will do the right thing and support us.

Q: Will there be a Maltego 3.1 community edition?
A: Yes - we normally release community editions a few weeks after the commercial edition.

We are also working on Maltego 4.0 - people that saw the 44Con talk in London would know what it's all about. 4.0 will change the way you think about information forever...