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Maltego CaseFile Beta released

We are proudly releasing Maltego CaseFile Beta today. Yup - after some time we feel CaseFile is ready to see the light. And best of all - it's free - no registration, no silly forms or CAPTCHAs - just download and go.

CaseFile is aimed at analysts that do not necessarily use open sources of intelligence (or even the Internet for that matter). Think of it as Maltego without transforms but with tons of new features. Adding/attaching photos, documents and annotations to nodes, graph merging, better integration with browsers, passwords on graphs, and tons of new useful entities - and this is just a few of the goodies we've added into CaseFile.

To get a better idea of what CaseFile is and where it fits in with Maltego (as well as our future plans with it) we've made a 10 minute demo video on it - here you can see features explained and demonstrated in real time:

The download links for CaseFile beta:
[ 32 bit (with JRE) ]
[ 64 bit (with JRE) ]

Let us know what you think of CaseFile Beta- we're very curious!


  1. Playing now, superb. Any chance of an OSX installer please?




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