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Maltego Video Tutorials

Hi guys,

We have seen a great number of Maltego videos coming out in the last few months and we have been really impressed with some of things you guys are doing. As such we have decided to create some of our own to help people better use and understand the tool!

We originally thought we could do this via the userguide section on our website - However, we have still seen a number of users struggling with the basics (in videos, writeups as well as email) and we really want to get everyone past these stumbling blocks and onto the true power of Maltego.

We have had a whole week of making videos (which is a pain since one of us has to be in a video and the other one has to edit them all!). Thus we present to you under a shower of rainbows and unicorns our 3 latest Maltego videos. Each one of the videos deals with teaching some aspects of the tool and also gives an interesting sample case.

Sit back and enjoy the videos

  1. Mapping Google websites to find the odd-ones-out:

    In this video we show how to start Maltego, create a new graph, graph navigation, selecting nodes and running transforms. We also show how to use different views

  2. Quickly Identifying some of Sony's netblocks:

    In this video we show how to use sets of transforms, basic footprinting techniques, transform settings and using the detail view. We also discuss one of the transforms in more detail.

  3. Finding links between data stored in CSV files (airodump)

    In this video we show you how to import data from CSV and XLS files and create graphs directly from it. We've used data mined with Airodump in this tutorial.

With the power of Grayskull
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