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And we're back...

After a bit of a struggle to regain control of this blog (think Google account issues..:|) we're back on track.

We came back some days ago from Las Vegas where we've trained on Maltego. It was great fun - expect for the very first day when our Internet connection went down. Attached is a photo of our training poster. We desperately wanted to take the poster back to South Africa, but we forgot. Hmm..I wonder why. You can also see a short video I made of the prep, training and parties [here].

But Vegas is done and dusted. Next up is [44Con] and then [SANS]. Both in London. We're really looking forward to it. Speaking of forward - here are some tentative schedules for new Maltego releases.

Maltego 3.1 - Releasing soon after 44Con. Think Octoberish. TONS of new features. I'll make a separate post for it when we're closer to the time. Note that this is a major release - it's not 3.0.5. The 3.1 release will be the first step to take us to version 4.0.

Also - in our weeks of silence we've build around 50 new transforms. Yea - 50. They deal with things like images, GPS coordinates, more social networks and aliases. And we'll be showing how these work and be releasing these to the commercial and community server at 44Con...and...Maltego 3.1 will have a couple of new default entities.

Maltego CaseFile - as promised before, we are releasing a Maltego version that is transform free. This will be released at the same time as 3.1, or very close to it. Our German friends are hard at work at creating our entity icons (around 65 in total). This version of Maltego will be specifically useful for Intelligence Analysts that work with internal (or self created) data.

Maltego 4.0. No date set, we are taking it one release at a time. But we're already developing some of the core tech needed for it. If you want to see what cool concepts we'll have in 4.0 come see the talk at 44Con. I'll be demo-ing some of it. No really, it's a game changer.

We'll be keeping the blog updated as we go along - so check in regularly.