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And we're back...

After a bit of a struggle to regain control of this blog (think Google account issues..:|) we're back on track.

We came back some days ago from Las Vegas where we've trained on Maltego. It was great fun - expect for the very first day when our Internet connection went down. Attached is a photo of our training poster. We desperately wanted to take the poster back to South Africa, but we forgot. Hmm..I wonder why. You can also see a short video I made of the prep, training and parties [here].

But Vegas is done and dusted. Next up is [44Con] and then [SANS]. Both in London. We're really looking forward to it. Speaking of forward - here are some tentative schedules for new Maltego releases.

Maltego 3.1 - Releasing soon after 44Con. Think Octoberish. TONS of new features. I'll make a separate post for it when we're closer to the time. Note that this is a major release - it's not 3.0.5. The 3.1 release will be the first step to take us to version 4.0.

Also - in our…