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Maltego CE (3.0.4) soon - for BT5 and OSX too!

How many people have downloaded, installed and registered the community edition of Maltego? Let's take a peek:

| count(*) |
| 29197 |

And that's from July 2010 - which is ... more than 100 activations PER DAY.

We saw this number a couple of days ago for the first time and we were blown away. Based on it we decided to update the Maltego Community Edition and we're in the final stage of testing it. It will update the CE version to the latest commercial edition - that's 3.0.4. It means you get to play with almost all of the commercial features and bug fixes that we've made (that's 4 releases worth of goodness). Expect *massive* speed increase, support for large graphs, manual linking, link labels, tons of bug fixes etc. As as always you can load and save graphs, create and share your own entities and use our [TDS] to code and share your own transforms.

Also just some minutes ago we chained the Social Media and Infrastructure seed to the main CTAS seed - so if you rediscover transforms you get to play with many more transforms. BTW - the new version of Maltego will check periodically for new transforms - so you never have to manually do that again.

This release will also be hooked into Backtrack 5 that's released soon (we hear). Even better - we have a OSX Community Edition as well!

So, just hang in there - lots of goodies en route.

PS: the splash screen for Maltego in Backtrack looks like this:


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