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Maltego 304 CE is out!

Hey ladies,

First off, happy Easter and all that, hope you have a great holiday :)

Onwards to 88mph! Maltego CE has finally been updated to be almost in sync with the commercial version, which means you get most of the tasty treats we put into the paid-for version for free! Think manual linking, link labels, copying to new graphs and all the updates you may have read on the blog.

But wait, if you phone within the next 15 minutes there is more! We also _FINALLY_ have an OSX version for Maltego Community Edition - now all your shiny Mac's can have shiny free Maltego's! (Not for commercial use, restrictions apply, one copy per customer, discount coupons do not apply, subject to in-store activation, cannot be used with free minutes, Void if modified, copied, reproduced, transferred, purchased.)

We have also created a Facebook page where we can have some fun, maybe sneak out beta releases (like we did for this one) and interact a bit more with the community. Please like our page and be our friend (we get lonely too!) - [Maltego Facebook Page].

As per normal the link is over at []

Live long and prosper,