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CSV,XLS(X) import in Maltego 3.0.4

We will be releasing Maltego 3.0.4 next week! It looks, feels and smells the same as 3.0.3. In fact, you might ask why we even bothered with a new release. The answer - CSV/XLS/XLSX import. Lots of people asked for it, and here it is!

Our spreadsheet importer is not perfect but I think it's a good start. As per usual we've had lots and lots of features that we could have implemented but didn't due to time constraints. We want to rather release something that is useful -but perhaps not perfect - than not releasing anything at all. If you like it let us know and we'll add features as we go along.

So - enough blah blah - let's see how it works. You start by clicking on the application button and go to the Import section.

You'll see there is a new option called 'Import graph from table'. This will take you to the file selection menu where you can choose the file to import (CSV, XLS, XLSX supported):

Once you've chosen the file to render you need to select colums and map them to entities. This is a simple process - just select the column and pick an entity type from the dropdown:

That's it - you are DONE! Now click 'Finish' and your graph is created:

In the example graph above we only chose two columns to map - so the graph is not exactly exiting (I think this shows email addresses and phone numbers of teachers in Canada - it's just a random CSV file we grabbed from the 'net).

Of course you can chose multiple colums and even map certain columns to an entity's additional fields. This is clearly useful when you have a 'first name' column and a 'last name' column but you want to map both to a single Person Entity. It's totally do-able - just use Control Click. But more about that when the official documentation is around.

If you want to quickly map a table and you don't care that the entity types make sense (you can always create your own entities first - but I am lazy) you can build a graph like this in about six clicks:

Here I looked what the Guild, Genus, Species and Family of some animals looks like when graphed. Uhmm...I mapped Genus to DNS Name and Guild to an AS you only want to see how everything is connected that's OK I guess ;) Click on the graph above to see a higher resolution view of it.

We're still struggling with some minor file format issues, but this should be done in a couple of days. Expect coolness next week some time.


PS: Also in 3.0.4 is export and import of your *entire* Maltego configuration. Useful if you've set up transform settings, seeds, servers etc. etc. and want your boy/girlfriend's install of Maltego to look and feel *exactly* the same...