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Maltego 3.0.3 release date


We're happy to announce that, if all goes according to plan, we'll be releasing Maltego 3.0.3 this coming Monday. What's new in 3.0.3 you may ask? A lot of bug fixes, and a loads of speed and performance improvements. But if we just say it you won't believe us. So for the first time - here is the raw, unedited changelog (in a small font, because it takes a lot of space)

Fixed speed issues in the Detail View caused by the quick filter. Let the Detail View update asynchronously to keep the GUI more responsive. Improved the speed of invert selection. Small painting speed improvement Improved the “get property from name” speed of Properties. Added a warning message and a “Show” button to the Properties View when more than 1000 nodes are selected. Greatly improved the speed & memory usage of the family selection actions. Performance improved when relayouting graph when transform results return (Mining view) Do not repaint links when associating MaltegoLink with yFiles edge (improves speed of transform results returned) Fixed bug where layouters continued when graph was closed Fixed Overview to update when the layout of the Organic Views change. Fixed Overview to update when the selection changes due to box selection or a change in the ExplorerManager selection. Run Smart Organic Layouter before Interactive Organic Layouter when more than 2k nodes changed. Improved speed of copy & paste (with links). (Big improvement) Speed Improvements to transform result merging. Let new entities spawn on-top of their parents instead of at the graph origin. Fixed multiple of the same transform messages showing in the output window. Fixed new entity custom icon always showing 16x16. When creating a new entity and the category have not been specified before finishing the wizard set the category to "My Entities". Small HTTP transform result processing speed improvement Do not close the graph when canceling the file browse save dialog after clicking the close button on a graph. Fixed bug where graph was still saved when clicking "No" on the overwrite file prompt. Hide the "Transformation type" page on the new transform wizard (for now). Show graph name instead of SaveCookie Java handle in saved status message. Let no entities be selected by default when exporting entities. Excluded the entity type from quick filter matches in the Entity List View. Fixed NullpointerException when trying to open the editor of a date property. Set focus to Graph View when syncing selection from Detail View. Set focus to Graph View after a find was performed on the graph. Set focus to Graph View after dragging an entity from the palette. Removed the "Add to palette" entry from the context menu. Zoom to 100% when double-clicking in Detail View to center on node. Added "Selection" under "Zoom to" ribbon menu button. Zoom to selection when syncing from Detail View. Zoom to selection when finding in graph. Show progress with aggregate progress bar. Progress indication is a lot more accurate (especially with many transforms/entities) and all transforms can be cancelled t once. Downside is individual transform progress bars are not shown and transforms can therefore not be cancelled individually. Use block layout instead of hierarchical layout after copying to new graph. Fixed rare ConcurrentModificationException when pasting. Fixed some copy & paste issues. (Not InterruptedException yet) Fixed IllegalStateException when calling new entity action. Transform Manager: Added delete option to context menu of Transform Servers. Transform Manager: Synchronize tabs when adding/deleting transforms or servers. Transform Manager: Removed "Copy" action for transforms. Removed "Description" column for seeds in the Discover Transforms wizard. Fixed load balancing issue where first server chosen was used for subsequent transforms even if the server does not have the transforms. Fixed IllegalStateException when working with the palette. Client now supports gzip compressed list transform responses Fixed exception (shown as empty message box) when editing any primitive array property. Fixed double[] properties being stored as float[]. Fixed floating point array property editor throwing exception when adding values. Replaced boolean "Port" property in Website entity with int[] "Ports" property. Fixed bug where default value of a property was lost during persistence if the default value of the property was the same as its corresponding type descriptor. Save find bar checkbox settings. Added "Zoom to results" checkbox to find bar. Fixed response code 400 from the server. Fixed exception when exporting entities on OSX. Set the xml "Value" entry of entities to not be compulsory and then remove entities which have null values from transform result. Without this change all entities are discarded because the xml parsing fails. Remove transforms not available on a TAS any more when rediscovering. Fixed progress bar and cancelling when starting transforms while other transforms are already running. Update the graph view when unfreezing a dirty view with pending new entities. Added a notification (like auto discovery) that fires when the graph is frozen and all transforms have completed. The notification has a link that updates the graph when clicked. Created a basic new entity wizard. Used as default. Advanced new entity wizard available from ribbon button drop-down menu. Set the default type for the main property in the New Entity wizard to String. Fixed progress bar staying at 0% when running a transform on more than 100 entities. Split the zoom to selection action from the "Zoom to" ribbon menu to its own button. Bound ctrl-shift-z to zoom to fit. Bound ctrl-shift-x to zoom to selection. Changed selected entities to be bright-red in the "sloppy drawing" mode so that they stand out more. Fixed Copy with links/neighbours in Detail View. (links were not preserved) Separated the idea of a "sample value" and "default value" for properties. Sample values only come from the palette. Default values are applied to properties when the property value is null (e.g. a transform does not return a value for the property) or when right-clicking in the property view and restoring the default value. For instance the sample value for the "First Names" property of a "Person" entity is "John" and for the "Surname" property its "Doe" but the default value for both properties is the default for a "string" property namely an empty string. Fixed Property View bug where calculated properties were not updated when changing one of the dependent properties. Fixed bug in the Property (entity double-click) dialog where calculated properties were not updated when hanging one of the dependent properties. Linked calculated properties to their dependent properties so that:- Calculated properties are recalculated when one of the dependent properties change. (Property view & dialog)- The dependent properties are cleared when setting the calculated property manually. (Property view & dialog)- The dependent properties take preference over the "value" property returned from a transform. If any of the dependent properties of the value property is returned then the value property uses the calculation instead of the value string returned. Changed all calculated properties to not be read-only by default. Split the value property into its dependent properties when editing the label of an entity. (when possible) Changed the CenterOnNodeAction of the Detail View to zoom to 75%, not 100%. Added a $trim() function to property calculations that trims leading and trailing whitespace and commas. $trim() the value properties of the Person, Location and PhoneNumber entities. Fixed "value may not be empty" error when running a transform that requires a string input that has not been specified. (caused by default/sample string value changes) Fixed image URLs after URL to FastURL changes. Fixed "Cannot find Java 1.5 or higher" error when launching Maltego in Windows with only the 64-bit JVM installed. Fixed the Maltego launcher to launch Maltego in the 64-bit JVM when a 32-bit and 64-bit JVM are installed. Build now also creates a 64-bit JRE bundled installer for Windows. Changed the installer to also check for the 64-bit JVM when using the 32-bit JRE bundled installer and a 32-bit JVM could not be found. Changed the installer to only check for the 64-bit JVM when using the 64-bit JRE bundled installer. Implemented a better fix for the Mac entity export issue. Changed WebTitle entity value property from “text” to “title” Removed 'formatted' field from PhoneNumber entity as it is replaced by the new 'smart calculated properties' Fixed URL images bugs. Fixed a bug in the loading of calculated property values when dependent fields are set. Zoom and center graph after "Clear All" action. Updated mappings of some rarely used fields of entities.

Yup, you get the idea. Lots and lots. Around the office we feel like we should really call this Maltego 1.0. We're very proud of 3.0.3. It's a milestone release.

More on Monday.