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Maltego 3.0.3 - It's Alive!

Finally the slog is over, the performance release is here! This has to have been one of the easiest release schedules we have managed, besides for some small scale [flooding of the roads near us] this still counts as office hours.

This release offers a fantastic amount of stability and most importantly speed to Maltego - the devs have done an absolutely marvelous job! +++ to the Pienkies!!

Also - Roelof has edited our mangled together user guide and built a massive document describing all of the transforms. He even managed to slay some pretty hefty Word style dragons to get it here, so don't forget to [check it out] too. The updated Maltego user guide (looking very grown up) can be found there as well.

Finally - [get 3.0.3 now] - faster than you can scream "Lerooooy Jenkins!!"