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Extending Maltego - video tutorial nr 5.

After being almost hit by Highveld lightning we've decided to call it quits on making more Maltego videos for now. But we did produce a final one for 2011 - it's all about extending Maltego with your own custom entities and transforms. Having the patience of a saint Andrew will explain to you exactly how it's done - in 15 minutes.

The link to the video is [here] or you can click below:

Maltego and social networks [video tutorial nr.4]

We've made another tutorial video - this time showing how Maltego can be used to link infrastructure and people. For social network resolving we're using [SocialNet from PacketNinjas].

Personally I am way pleased with the way the intro and extro (is that even a word?) came out. It was taken in a pretty large open room, so there's a bit of echo, but if you use headphones it should be fine.

Video is [here], or click below:

We've made these videos to show you how we use Maltego - hopefully it would be useful to you. Let us know!


Using Socialnet + Maltego to visualize social sphere of influence.

Used Socialnet to visual my Facebook friends (plus second order) in Maltego. Interesting that you can group people purely on their location in the graph - in organic view. Click on the picture above to enlarge, and you'll see what I mean!


Maltego Video Tutorials

Hi guys,

We have seen a great number of Maltego videos coming out in the last few months and we have been really impressed with some of things you guys are doing. As such we have decided to create some of our own to help people better use and understand the tool!

We originally thought we could do this via the userguide section on our website - However, we have still seen a number of users struggling with the basics (in videos, writeups as well as email) and we really want to get everyone past these stumbling blocks and onto the true power of Maltego.

We have had a whole week of making videos (which is a pain since one of us has to be in a video and the other one has to edit them all!). Thus we present to you under a shower of rainbows and unicorns our 3 latest Maltego videos. Each one of the videos deals with teaching some aspects of the tool and also gives an interesting sample case.

Sit back and enjoy the videos

Mapping Google websites to…

Importing data into Maltego

@Viss - you make us sad bears with your question on importing. So I decided to make a quick blog post on how to get data into Maltego.

The right way (import)
The commercial version of Maltego has support for visualizing spreadsheets. You can also use this to simple import a single column of data. Let's say you want to import only names. Then it goes a little like so:

Click on the picture above to see what's actually going on. Importing data this way seems like a lot of effort, but it's really useful. Why? Because it allows you to import multiple columns and make a real graph. Imagine you had phone numbers as well - then you could easily end up with this (skipping the boring bits):

You can "chain" any number of nodes together - in this case we've only used two.
The quick wayYou can import entities into Maltego (also in the community edition) by copy and pasting it from text. Usually Maltego does a great job of figuring out what it is that you are pasting - but you…

Maltego CaseFile - real soon now...

By now you should know that when we show splash screens here on the blog we are way close to a release. This is true for CaseFile too. We are basically waiting on the icon guys and the fixing of small (mostly cosmetic) bugs - and then we'll release. Watch this space, because the next post will be all about CaseFile.

Crisp out,

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Think bookmarks, annotations, attachments. Merging graphs. Soon.

Maltego Update Pack!


I know it really has been a while since we last updated anything or made a new blogpost (almost a month!) but things really have been crazy around here! Roelof has been away at 44con and should be making his way to the airport as you read this. It seems to have gone phenomenally well with one of the attendee's referring to him as 44con's "blue eyed boy". Additionally the guys over at Pinkmatter are frantically working on the new releases (3.1, CaseFile and the 4.0 branch!). Those of you lucky enough to attend 44con got to see the sneak peak of 4.0 and our ideas for it. Those of you not lucky enough will have to wait until Roelof decides its time for another video :)

But on with the updates! We have been slowly pushing transforms to the commercial and community users, however today we are unleashing all 50 (yes, 50) transforms! And as we speak I am uploading a document that covers the majority of them. All of them were developed using the TDS ( https://www.…

And we're back...

After a bit of a struggle to regain control of this blog (think Google account issues..:|) we're back on track.

We came back some days ago from Las Vegas where we've trained on Maltego. It was great fun - expect for the very first day when our Internet connection went down. Attached is a photo of our training poster. We desperately wanted to take the poster back to South Africa, but we forgot. Hmm..I wonder why. You can also see a short video I made of the prep, training and parties [here].

But Vegas is done and dusted. Next up is [44Con] and then [SANS]. Both in London. We're really looking forward to it. Speaking of forward - here are some tentative schedules for new Maltego releases.

Maltego 3.1 - Releasing soon after 44Con. Think Octoberish. TONS of new features. I'll make a separate post for it when we're closer to the time. Note that this is a major release - it's not 3.0.5. The 3.1 release will be the first step to take us to version 4.0.

Also - in our…

CSV,XLS(X) import in Maltego 3.0.4

We will be releasing Maltego 3.0.4 next week! It looks, feels and smells the same as 3.0.3. In fact, you might ask why we even bothered with a new release. The answer - CSV/XLS/XLSX import. Lots of people asked for it, and here it is!

Our spreadsheet importer is not perfect but I think it's a good start. As per usual we've had lots and lots of features that we could have implemented but didn't due to time constraints. We want to rather release something that is useful -but perhaps not perfect - than not releasing anything at all. If you like it let us know and we'll add features as we go along.

So - enough blah blah - let's see how it works. You start by clicking on the application button and go to the Import section.

You'll see there is a new option called 'Import graph from table'. This will take you to the file selection menu where you can choose the file to import (CSV, XLS, XLSX supported):

Once you've chosen the file to render you need to select …