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Transform Tuesdays! Free Maltego Transforms!

Yes, it's not nearly as popular (yet) as Patch Tuesday, but at least it's an alliteration.

We have been working on a bunch of new TDS based transforms that we would like to share with the community in the hope that the community responds with more transforms of their own.

Today we will be releasing two sets of transforms: integration via their fantastic API
Enumerate server side technologies of Websites and URLs. These include things like CMS (Joomla, Wordpress), Server information (Apache, IIS) and other technologies used (Jquery, Youtube, Silverlight, etc)

Various useful infrastructure transforms
Couple of transforms to help with infrastructure enumeration including Netblock to IP addresses and Netblock to Netblocks.

How do I use these Transforms within Maltego?
You will need two things to use any of the upcoming TDS transforms (and any we post in the future).

  1. Maltego Entity Objects file (mtz) with any custom entities that are used for these transforms. NOTE: This is only needed if there are custom entities.

  2. Seed URL: This will point your Maltego interface to where it can find new transforms.
Enough! Show me with pictures!

Importing custom entites (Where needed)

Click on Import Entities

Select the supplied Maltego Entity Objects file (mtz)

Select the entities you wish to add

Add it to a group

Enjoy your crisp new entities

Discovering Transforms:

Click discover transforms

Add a name for your seed and the supplied URL




Finished! You now have some crisp new transforms!

In the upcoming posts we will release the mtz as well as the Seed URLs for the new transforms.