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3.0.1 Commercial - bugs fixes, features and dates

Maltego 3.0.1 Commercial edition release is due soon (hopefully next week). This version will see the following bugs fixed:
  • Black icons (after some idle time)
  • Transform cancellation now works as expected
  • Matching rule on entities is sorted out
  • UI state is kept after restart
  • Stability issues, cosmetic and 'small bugs'
The following features have been implemented in 3.0.1:
  • Printing of graphs (also to PDF, multi page)
  • Custom transform images now in categories
  • Export to PNG (& setting the output resolution)
  • Reporting (think 'turn my graph into a 400 page PDF document')
  • All entities in palette (for when you want to use manual linking)
  • Automatic periodic transform updates (so you'll see when a new transform is available)
3.0.2 focus will be:
  • More control and options on manual linking of nodes
  • Annotation of entities and links
  • Copy and paste
3.0.3 focus (we think/hope) will be:
  • Importing of local data (CSV and friends)
Lastly - TDS. It's coming soon...