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Transform Distribution Server (TDS) is live!

We've been way busy getting the TDS ready - in the last couple of days we've created 4 videos of how the TDS works and what you can achieve with it. The last of the videos uploaded some minutes ago. You can catch them all [here].

The TDS gives everyone the ability to integrate their transforms with Maltego - without having to do the hard work yourself, but with the flexibility of having your own server. Combined with the ability to build and share custom entities we think it is a pretty powerful concept...

You can register on the TDS [here] and the documentation and libraries can be found on our website over [here].

Feel free to register and play around - and do gives us your feedback!

3.0.1 Commercial - bugs fixes, features and dates

Maltego 3.0.1 Commercial edition release is due soon (hopefully next week). This version will see the following bugs fixed:
Black icons (after some idle time)Transform cancellation now works as expected
Matching rule on entities is sorted outUI state is kept after restart
Stability issues, cosmetic and 'small bugs'
The following features have been implemented in 3.0.1:
Printing of graphs (also to PDF, multi page)Custom transform images now in categories
Export to PNG (& setting the output resolution)Reporting (think 'turn my graph into a 400 page PDF document')All entities in palette (for when you want to use manual linking)Automatic periodic transform updates (so you'll see when a new transform is available)
3.0.2 focus will be:
More control and options on manual linking of nodes
Annotation of entities and linksCopy and paste3.0.3 focus (we think/hope) will be:
Importing of local data (CSV and friends)Lastly - TDS. It's coming soon...