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Community edition and HITB feedback

It's been a while. Came back from Amsterdam a few days ago where I presented at Hack in the Box (HITB). It was really a cool conference (thank Dhillon/Amy and the rest of the team!). Not too many people, not too few. Really nice vibe - and it was good to be back in the Kras. Made some new friends and got to see many old ones again. It was good.

We are releasing CE edition of Maltego tomorrow unless there's a major train smash. We've made CE3 less restrictive - the hope is to get a lot more of the community involved. Hopefully we are not shooting ourselves in the foot in terms of funding for more development (yea - version 3.1 is looming in the distant future).

Soon after the release of CE we will also release CCTAS - those that saw the talk in Amsterdam will know what's potting (excuse the pun). I showed a short video of where we are going with that. The bottom line is that it will allow the community to write and host their own transforms - and the client will automatically update transform list as we go along. Exciting times for sure!

Will keep the blog updated for the release - watch this space!
Now - let's get the show on the road - 'latererer...