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There IS life after 3

Last week saw the release of Maltego 3.0 and the new website. Stress levels are slowly returning to normal...

It went fairly smooth - just took a long time to upload everything and we missed our official deadline with 2 hours and 14 minutes. Not bad considering a 15 month wait. It was the Maltego+JRE (40MB) upload that killed us. Oh and the fact the the debs and rpms said 'Maltego 3 Beta' and we had to rebuild them. Funny thing - 5 minutes after the last upload was done the power died and we sat here in the dark. If it was 5 minutes earlier I would have cried lots...but it wasn't. After that was post 3 release celebrations with good food, good beer and finally - good sleep.

So far there have been 2 little problems (which we sorted out). The first has to do with licensing - a small number of users have been affected in a way that they need to activate the product every time they reboot. Bleh. Fixed. The other problem had to do with authenticating proxies. Seems the dialog that asks for creds was incompatible with what we were using. But that's solved now too.

We are currently uploading the new build - so if you experienced any of the above problems you should just grab a new copy (in a few minutes - let's wait for the upload to be done).

In just more than a week's time we are speaking at Hack in the Box in Amsterdam. Should be fun. If you are around, come say hi.

Oh, and over the weekend I installed new lights in the office. And more heaters, a fresh cat blanket and more cups ;) See...even after the big 3 release ... life goes on.