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SQLTAS v1.0 - what a mission!!

We're done! The new SQLTAS is ready for beta testing. We've had all our days getting the Oracle and DB2 ODBC drivers working but it's all in the past, and we're in beta testing phase...with 1 tester. They're a pretty demanding client - linking between four different databases on two different DB platforms. Let's hope there are not too many issues.

After the 3.0 release we'll spend more time on this and roll it out to all server clients. For now - it's all engines firing for the 3.0 release on the 15th.

Oh - the cables (DSL) have been restored after about 10 days of downtime. The USA soccer team (think World Cup 2010) is staying a couple of blocks from the office- they arrived yesterday. Funny - I wonder if this is a coincidence.