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Pricing and upgrades

A lot of people have been asking about the pricing and upgrade path to V3 - so I decided to put something out. For now the idea is going to be like this:

V3 will be around $650. We're not 100% sure on the number. AM says $750, but I think it's too steep for end-users. We've had the price pegged at $430 for V2 for over 2 years, and with all the extras coming in V3.0 and V3.1 as well as inflation I think 650ish is fair.

The good news is that valid license holders will get a free upgrade to V3. That means, if you buy now you pay $220 less than if you buy when we release in June. Also, if you are a valid license holder, subscription STAYS at $320 per year and you'll be automatically upgraded. In others words - hang on to your license if you have one.

Wow - I sound like a proper sales freaky...