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BlackHat EU paper in - betas out...

Just sent my paper for BlackHat Spain - 14,15 April, Barcelona. Will be showing Maltego version 3.0 with NER and some other interestingnesses. Hope the audience enjoys it.

On another more emotional note - we've sent out preBeta releases to 10 people yesterday. It was very hard to do. Feels like you are asking a motorcycle gang to watch over your 2 year old daughter for a weekend. Let's just hope they are nice to her. I sometimes think that Maltego 3 will never be ready to face the cruel world out there (that's you!).

Anyhow - the preBeta release is very spiffy. All the v2 entity mappings are sorted out - meaning all the transforms work. Also Chris and his team managed to include the old views and layouts (+ of course the new stuff). All and all its a nice release. The next big step would be to start working on the v3 server, local transforms, save/load and licensing.

More later...


  1. Congratulations on passing the milestone! Looking forward to hearing how the preBeta trials go.

    Hope you enjoy Spain - typical that I can't make it this year :(


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