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So the weekend is over and i figure its probably time i gave you a bit of an update before this becomes RT's Maltego Blog!

I often get frustrated at graphs moving around the whole time when the nodes are coming in and also the 'crunch time' required to rework the layout every time 1 node comes in when i have say another 100 still yet to arrive.

So bring in Freeze/Unfreeze! A nice little button near the view buttons where you can pause the graph layout, so it basically just holds your graph as is ( Note the button greyed out next to the freeze button ).

When new entities are ready to come in you can then the previously greyed out button becomes a green 'refresh' icon as you can see below.

So essentially now instead of watching the entire graph update i can wait until all the transforms are completed, and click the 'Update graph' button and have all my entities displayed out in one go:

Also, those new icons are looking awesome!