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Labels on EWV lives!

Finally, after a bug in the graphing library was solved we have labels on Edge Weighted View! And I must say, its look pretty sexy. The sizing and spacing is also adjusted, so that entities are not so cramped.


These are some of the things we are currently working on...
NER (Named Entity Recognition) Dynamic graph update in v3 New detailed view New edge weighted view We decided to roll it into a nice little video:

For the video we looked at the term "Chris Roper site:za" (he is a journalist here in ZA), then took that to websites (where his name occurs), then to URLs and finally let loose the NER stuff on every page. It's super cool to see how the entities starts gathering around common people, organizations and locations...well - I love it!

Now it's weekend time!

Free Icons!

So within the entity creation wizard we have decided to start including a whole bunch of our own icons from our libraries. This is primarily so that when people start creating their own entities within Maltego there are some 'stock' icons to use that look great on the graphs!

Step 1 within the entity creation wizard

After clicking on browse you can now either use the stock icons or your own!

Our little universe

Phrase "Maltego" -> Websites -> URLs -> [NER Magic happens here] ---> Pic on the left!

This week's update

We've sorted out the memory issue! It's in the past now...I think..I can't remember. Har har. Unique entities per transform is also done and thus layout issues we've had (think double links to entities and links not moving with entities when you move them around). An icon browser for the custom entities is in the works and next week they tackle licensing (this means we can actually push the client out to people). The v2 to v3 conversion is done - so you'll be able to use v2 servers with v3 client without a problem.

Server side me and Andrew took a fresh look at the NER stuff. It's super exciting and we think we have something that can really work (without frying our servers' CPUs). It takes a long time to test and tune, but I am confident that we'll ship it with v3. Yipee!


So the weekend is over and i figure its probably time i gave you a bit of an update before this becomes RT's Maltego Blog!

I often get frustrated at graphs moving around the whole time when the nodes are coming in and also the 'crunch time' required to rework the layout every time 1 node comes in when i have say another 100 still yet to arrive.

So bring in Freeze/Unfreeze! A nice little button near the view buttons where you can pause the graph layout, so it basically just holds your graph as is ( Note the button greyed out next to the freeze button ).

When new entities are ready to come in you can then the previously greyed out button becomes a green 'refresh' icon as you can see below.

So essentially now instead of watching the entire graph update i can wait until all the transforms are completed, and click the 'Update graph' button and have all my entities displayed out in one go:

Also, those new icons are looking awesome!


This week's progress

Made a 12 minute presentation for a large social network on Maltego 3 this week. Spent a lot of time tweaking specific things to work for the video. Think matching rule compatibility between 2 and 3 (Chris had to build a converter) - hopefully this will help us not only for the presentation, but also for people wanting to use v2 servers with v3 clients. Had to hack the slider in there too, as our client was limiting to 50 results. With more results we had to find that memory problem (as our graphs were exploding). It's still not 100% fixed, but at least now we can work with larger graphs.

Making the video was horrible. I hate hearing my own voice and seeing my own face. It's hard - hopefully I am over it now and can move along.

Memory problems Bgone!

Chris found the bug! It's not fixed yet, but at least we know where to look. Meanwhile a workaround release was built. This allows us to test with larger graphs - see below: