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Notes on weekend (06/02) release

The biggest concern now is that the GUI sometimes hang and the CPU spikes to 100% and just sits there. Also, the threading needs to be sorted - this is due to the fact that we are using v2 server and a v3 client. While the v3 protocol still needs to be implemented we needed something to work with so at the moment we are translating 2 calls to something that works in 3.

The labels are still kind of jumbled up - spacing between icons haven't been implemented. We haven't added the new icon library or the new background and branding. Oh - and we'll have to redo all of that for CE.

Many of the 2 features are still not in - edge weighted view, clear all graph etc etc. And we missing key bindings. But it's getting to the point where it can be used for casual Maltego-ing.

The feeling today is strong - there is light at the end of the tunnel - the new dynamic layout is super sexy, the layout pause concept works really nice and the overall responsiveness is great. Let's hope it stays like that as we go along - we're really pushing to get it out. Soon, soon..