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New icons - bleh

The new icons look really horrible in the graph. This is a real pity. We either need to choose new ones, or work on the sizing...or..something. It's amazing that things look really good on paper, but as soon as you work with it, it falls apart. Guess that's the difference between talking and thinking about things and making it really work in real life.

CPU is still flat lining as soon as you push the interface a bit - not that this is a surprise - the team spent a good deal of time working on branding and graphics this week. Makes the shitty icons even more of a setback. Detail view is back in, but it's not keep state of open and closed sections. Screen real estate is a real problem. Still missing a lot of short cut keys, copy and paste functionality..the list goes on. Are we ever going to get there..? We can only keep on trying and not lose hope that this is going to be great - someday.