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List view and so on...

Can't move. Played tennis last night (first time in a while)..and currently pulling the 17 Feb release. It's pushing 18MB. Wish we had more bandwidth. OK it's here - let's see....

Tested new client with some home grown transforms on a local TAS - discovery etc. works well. Lots of changes in List View (a new view we introduced in v3) - it's now almost working like it should.
The new icons still look uncool. Can do with it what we want, they still look crap. We might even go back to the old ones - or perhaps a mix of the two.

Context menus when running transforms now includes 'config transform', 'timing options' and 'help' buttons. I am hoping it's not overwhelming for users. We should still get them to do things.. The CPU problem turned out to be a memory problem. Increasing the memory available helps, but it simply delays the problem - thus...something is leaking. At least we can test further down the release.

Love to beta with this release, but we simply can't - at the very least we need to sort the CPU/memory problem before it goes out.