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Detail View - A powerful change

Yet another one of the huge changes made in 3 is the detail view, its now super useful in terms of being used during analysis. Previously selecting multiple entities merely showed you a list of these entities:

Now however it offers a much wider view, allowing you to sort by name, weight, incoming and outgoing links, as well being able to search/select these entities and have them selected on the graph, as seen below:

One of the other nice features is being able to go back to the graph by double clicking on one of the entities, this will then zoom that specific entity to the center of the graph.

The detail view is also extended for single entities and broken up into 3 different sections:
  • Relationships - showing your incoming and outgoing connections (also selectable, will change to that specific entity and center it on the graph)
  • Notes - The ability to make notes on an entity (not yet implemented)
  • Generator detail - the standard detail view showing snippets, transforms run to get to this entity etc.
You can see this below:

Each section is also collapsible and may at some stage change to a tabbed structure.

Its definitely a huge improvement and one I think will be greatly beneficial to analysts!

On a separate note, really enjoying Chuck Ragan today :)