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Custom Entities!

Chris and the gang have been doing a fantastic job, heres just one of the many new features that i love, custom entity creation, no longer will it be a hack to get in your own entities.

Its a very simple wizard with a lot of advanced options (such as adding additional fields and regular expressions to match pasting), the new entity manager is also a blessing! See the pics below as i quickly (2 mins) create a new WifiAP for my graph.

The new Entity Manager

Setting properties and icons

Default values and sections

Adding it to a category

Specifying additional properties
In this case, ESSID, encryption and last seen dates. Note you can also specify the type and there are loads to choose from!

Display Settings

Plurals, Palette and Regular expressions

Using my new entity!

As you can see it is a relatively painless process and the final 3 steps (additional properties, display and regular expression screens) are optional. This is definitely going to make the local transform 'scene' explode as it allows for far more detailed customisation then we have ever had before!