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9 Feb 21h00

FTP-ing it from Chris at the moment, we're up to 17MB it seems. Background is in - it looks OK, but not stunning. The graphics looks a bit nicer in the wizard left hand pane, but I am still not convinced.

Edge weighted view is back in, with a new algorithm that's mapping the size of the node logarithmically and not linear to the number of incoming links. Should take out super huge nodes, and give a better indication. Perhaps we need to change to log 6 or 7 and not log 10. We'll see. At least with version 3 you can interact with the nodes in this view - e.g. run transforms etc. We still need to fit the labels in there. Satellite / overview window is back - thank goodness, sporting new colors. Pretty neat.

Transform pop-ups are proving to be very useful, but they should still keep state - e.g. remember the settings. CPU flatline is REALLY biting - seems that the more transforms you run at a time, the more the problem manifests itself. This is going to be a bitch to find and debug...I just know it.

Finally list view looks OK, think we'll need to add the ability to filter not just on value, but also on type. We're getting there - slowly...More tomorrow - this day is done!